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PTS Enhanced PTW Gearbox

by PTS
Price $ 139.00

The PTS Enhanced Systema PTW Gearbox is designed to ensure smooth and reliable performance even when placed under high internal stress, while reducing the overall package dimensions.

This mechbox is a direct replacement for any M4/M16 Systema PTW (Professional Training Weapon) type platform, and is a high quality upgrade part to the standard PTW Challenge Kits."

Packaging Includes: 

  • Content Gearbox Shell
  • Enhanced Trigger
  • Selector Rack Gear
  • Click Ball
  • Click Ball Spring
  • Click Ball Screw


  • Color – Red
  • Dimension – 90 x 60 x 19mm (approx. with trigger)
  • Weight – 82g (approx.)
  • Material – Aluminum, 100% CNC Processed
  • Compatibility – PTW AEG series
  • Surface – Hard Anodic Oxidation

Part# PT133490343

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