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PTS Window Breaker

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The PTS® Window Breaker is designed as a replica window breaching tool to be mounted onto the end of a replica PTS Griffin Armament Suppressor or PTS AAC Suppressor.

Based on a real steel counterpart recently featured in a photo of a US Navy SEALs AR15 made famous for the mission it was used on.

The PTS Window Breaker is designed for rugged use and gives any replica suppressor it is attached to a more aggressive look.
Color Finish: Dark gray
Material – CNC steel
Dimensions (including packaging) – 58x70x30mm
Weight (including packaging) – approximately 80g

Compatibility – 37.5mm diameter Faux Silencers. PTS Griffin Armament, PTS AAC silencers
Part# PT098490307
Part# PT098490307

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