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Wolverine GEN1 Inferno Standard Kit

by Wolverine Airsoft SALE
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Wolverine Inferno

The Wolverine Airsoft INFERNO is a HPA system based on the technology of their HYDRA system. The main difference between the INFERNO and the HYDRA is that the INFERNO does not come standard with the ability for off-set nozzles. Now with that said, the INFERNO is 100% compatible with HYDRA parts and is able to utilize the HYDRA front cylinder kit to allow for off set nozzles! This means that at any time you want to change up your build to another platform utilizing an off set nozzle, just simply purchase the HYDRA front cylinder and nozzle of your choice and you will be good to go!  

Key features of the INFERNO:Airsoft Extreme

  • Toolless design
  • HYDRA Style Straight Nozzle
  • Compatible with all HYDRA components as well as upcoming upgrades
  • Scratch resistant derlin body section
  • Single solenoid fired
  • Robust design with only 4 O-rings within the system for optimal durability
  • Very air efficient

INFERNO Spartan Edition

The Wolverine Airsoft Inferno:Spartan Edition Airsoft HPA Engine for Version 2 gearbox designs is the high pressure air powered drop in kit everyone has been waiting for. This base model includes the engine and integrated trigger board and FCU at a ridiculously low price of $285. Purchase the Wolverine Inferno:Spartan Edition as part of one of our HPA Starter Kits for a discount on the complete package you need to get your new engine on the field!

INFERNO Premium Edition V2 / V3/ M249 Features:

  • V2/M4 - V3/AK - M249
  • Toolless design
  • HYDRA style straight nozzle
  • Compatibility with all HYDRA components
  • Scratch-resistant delrin bushing design
  • Single solenoid fired


To program, its super simple and uses the following three steps:

1.) Hold trigger down while plugging in battery. Release trigger once battery has been plugged in.

2.) Put on safety glasses, air up, load magazine, and go to chrono.  If you fire while in programming mode, the system will let you know by firing a shot on the release of the trigger.

3.) To program Dwell time (The time air is applied to the BB) put the selector in the Semi position and begin firing into chrono.  With each trigger pull, the FCU will step down the dwell time.  Do this until you see a drop in FPS.   If you go too far, simply double tap the trigger and it will step back up one by one until you reach the point where the FPS should be.  If you cycle all the way through the dwell settings, it will begin the cycle over.

4.) Remove Magazine and clear chamber. 

5.) To program Rate of Rife (ROF) put the selector in the Full Auto position.  Hold the trigger and listen for the rate of fire you prefer.  Once reached, release the trigger. If you go too far, it will simply begin the cycle over.

6.) To save your settings, unplug your battery from your FCU and you are now good to go! Simply plug back in your battery and enjoy your new settings!


Watch this video of Rich from Wolverine airsoft for more information on the Inferno:




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