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PTS Centurion Arms C4 Rail 7in Black

Article number: CA001490307
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The Centurion Arms C4 Rail System is a 2 piece free float rail that, when installed, gives AR uppers a continuous 12 oclock rail. Its features, some of which are patent pending, also include very light weight, integrated QD mount points, the ability to simply install onto a standard barrel nut, and design features that prevent the rail from loosening and rotating under prolonged stress. Several versions are available for multiple applications.

The PTS Centurion Arms C4 Rail Series are licensed airsoft replicas, designed for training and simulation use only.

Compatibility ¬? G&P M4 (AEG, GBB), KWA M4 (AEG, GBB, ERG), Systema M4


* AR15 lightweight Rail System

* Simple clamp design fixture directly onto standard AR15 barrel nuts

* 2 built in QD sling swivel sockets

* Free floating rail system to enhance accuracy

Dimensions ¬? 185x62x54mm (without packaging)

Additional ¬? Includes low profile gas block and gas tube
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