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KJ Works Tactical Carbine GBB Rifle

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KJW Tactical Carbine GBB Rifle

  • ABS and Metal construction
  • Includes a 30 round magazine (extra mags are available)
  • Uses Green Gas
  • Collapsable LE Style AR Stock
  • M4/M16 pistol grip
  • Front rail system with panel covers included
  • Flip front a rear sights
  • Front sight has high visible green fiber optic dot
  • Sights are fully adjustable
  • Hopup is adjustable with a dial on top of receiver
  • Bolt locks back when out of ammo
  • Shoots 400-420fps with a 0.20g BB

The KJW Tactical Carbine combines mobility, versatility and power. This fun carbine delivers great power for such a small, light package with a ton of extra features. The front rail is great for putting all those cool rail accessories from lights, lasers, optics, or grips! The carbine also includes a front and rear flip sight combo. These sights are very easily delpoyed with one press of the finger and they spring into action. Both front and rear sights are completely adjustable as well. The front sight also has a super bright green fiber optic dot that collects ambient or direct light and illuminates for a positive sight picture every time. The blowback action is smooth and crisp with a very nice kick. The flattop rail also will accommodate just about any optic of your choice. The fully adjustable hopup has a dial right on top just in front of the chamber of the carbine with a directional arrow showing which way for more hopup. Be careful with the safety, it is a simple push button style and if you press it in all the way, the gun still will not fire.

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