Tactical Outfitters The OPSEC Patch

The OPSEC Patch (Blank)
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You've got the beard! You've got the gear! You've got the worn out ball cap! You've got the scary black rifles! Now all you need is THE OPSEC PATCH!

Who has time for photoshop or even those new fangled iphone apps? Not me.

Or how about when you're so high speed but still want to get that Instagram photo up for that barracks rat who's waiting for you to get back from deployment.

Or about how you airsoft/milsim players that are ashamed to show your face! This is perfect for you too!

Or what if you're so 3% that you have to use The OPSEC patch just to keep da guberment from taking your hi-point?!

Or how about you want to post that nude gym selfie but cover dem nips or that meat missile! BAM! The OPSEC patch has got you covered!

The possibilities are endless!

This patch is 6"x2" and velcro backed.


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