TacTrainer 3Gun C Plate 1020


Designed specifically for 3-Gun training, this plate can be used on any Tactrainers Plate Hanger (Short, Medium, Tall, Ladder, or Star Plate Hanger base). Shooting this plate at 10 feet simulates shooting a full sized "C-Box" target @ 20 yards. The plate itself is marked with 2 numbers...first number is the "shoot-from" distance, the 2nd number is the distance simulated on a full-sized target. 3 Gun shooters have to make some long shots with the pistol as well as the rifle and this plate will improve your training program for either one. This plate is great for practicing those long shots in USPSA and IDPA pistol matches as well for a "C" or "-1" hit (or better) at distance.

(plate only, Plate Hangers sold separately)

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