Thunder B Player Package CO2 12 Shell Set/ Flashbang Shell

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Getting real tired of those campers hunkered down in those buildings? Grab hold of a Thunder B, pull the pin then toss it into the building as you listen to the screaming and yelling as your opponents are surprised by a very loud bang.

Thunder B Player Package CO2 12 Shell Set/ Flashbang Shell

Thunder B has been the go-to brand for airsoft grenades being used in all different types of playstyles. Thunder B grenades use CO2 12g gas cartridges instead of flammable powders; making it safe for the user and other players on the field.

The Thunder B grenades signature function is the loud bang produced by a CO2 cartridge being punctured in the core of the grenade. This releases CO2 into the empty space within the shell until it splits open releasing a bang that's over 130 decibels that fills the ears of nearby threats.

Thunder B grenades can be reused by replacing the used up CO2 and cracked shell. Thunder B is an affordable grenade system that beginners and professionals can operate with ease.


  • Realistic Look
  • Easy to assemble
  • 2 Safety Pins
  • 12 Grenade shells


Gas Type: CO2
Function: Sound
Color: Black
Material: Plastic shell and metal Co2 core 

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