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Tokyo Marui M4/G3/AK Magazine clamp

Article number: TM61
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This unit is constructed of a highly durable, while still lightweight metal, and is designed to be adjusted to clamp two M4, FAMAS, AK, or G3 magazines together to help improve the speed and ease of your magazine change and give you a great tactical advantage during combat. This can be of great help in CQB situations, or other games where every second counts.


  • Manufacturer: Tokyo Marui
  • Model: M4/FAMAS/AK/G3 Dual Magazine Clamp
  • Color: Black
  • Size: Adjustable, fits M4, FAMAS, AK, and G3 magazines
  • Package Includes: Magazine clamp only


  • Improves ease and speed or magazine change
  • Durable metal construction
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