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Tokyo Marui M870 Tactical Shotgun

Article number: TMM870
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The Tokyo Marui M870 Gas Shotgun has many excellent features and is modeled after the "Express Tactical" series of shotguns. Among many of the features, this model sports a 20mm mounting flat top rail to accommodate optics of your choice or you can use the XS ghost ring sights if you prefer. One of the most noticeable features is the texture and appearance, with the zinc metal body, aluminum barrel and ABS stock and pump, this thing looks and feels like the real thing.


  • The new M870 from Tokyo Marui allows the user to 3 or 6 shot burst with a simple selector switch inside the breach of the shotgun. You can easily switch the lever in the ejection port by pulling the pump back. This is perfect for switching the amount of BBs you wish to fire in terms of shooting ranges. The longer the range, you can choose 3 BBs and at closer range, 6 BBs.
  • It is equipped with a rapid-fire function that can continuously fire by cocking the shotgun while pulling the trigger.
  • The overall weight and size are replicated 1/1 with the real shotgun. Everything that is metal on the real gun is reproduced here: the receiver, outer barrel, and trigger plate.
  • The 20mm flat top rail is perfect to mount optics. It is also equipped with an XS Ghost Ring type combat sights on this shotgun.
  • It is equipped with a double-hop-up system to apply a hop to all BBs.
  • The gas is stored in a tank or cartridge inside the stock for easy accessibility. On a full fill, the shotgun can fire up to 100 times before being recharged with gas (with 134a Gas).
  • The shells hold 30 BBs and this shotgun is 100% compatible with the prior Tokyo Marui Spring shotgun shells. Also, aftermarket shells should work but we have not tested all to confirm they are 100% compatible, so use at your own risk.
Total length 37.5"
Weight (Empty magazine, including gas tank) 5 lb 10 oz
Bullet 6mm BB
Gun height 10.25"
Power source HFC134a gas
Capacity 30 BBs
Type name M870 Tactical

It is HIGHLY recommended to use HFC134a gas with this shotgun. The use of Green Gas is not recommended and can cause irreversible damage to the shotgun and is not covered under warranty. We have seen the high pressure of green gas cause the walls of the gas tank to expand and will get stuck in the stock.

Also, please be sure to fully rack the pump each time when chambering BBs, if you do not do this correctly, this can also damage the nozzles inside the shotgun.

Part# TMM870
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