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V-Tac SLP QD Air Rig w/ 36'' Line

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The Valken SLP (Super Low Pressure) QD Air Rig. This system incorporates streamlined, an aluminum robust single regulator that allows you to adjust your PSI with an allen key that you can also lock once your desired pressure has been achieved via the milled zip tie ports.

**Please note, this air rig can NOT use any HPA tank that outputs higher than 300 PSI! SLP tanks are required!**

This system is able to work with any SLP 275-300 PSI regulated HPA tank. This means that the tank must output at a pressure of 300 PSI or lower. Most typical HPA tank regulators output anywhere from 600-800 PSI. This lower HPA Output does not affect the performance of your gun since it requires well under 300 PSI of input. As a matter of fact, this means a more stable consistent air flow due to the fact you are stepping down your pressure in smaller increments avoiding shoot down altogether.

These air rigs come standard with a low-pressure wide bore airline that is not only flexible and durable but is compatible with most self-sealing QD connections used in Airsoft. It is enclosed in a dual-layered nylon sheathing that will not affect its flexibility but will help protect it from damage.

Dual Quick Disconnect has a male quick disconnect fitting on one end and a female quick disconnect fitting on the other end. You will need to choose a regulator adapter if you are upgrading from a standard air rig and use this adapter to replace the existing fitting on your regulator. This allows you to quickly swap lines or disconnect your line from your air rig, which simplifies the process of taking your tank out of your backpack. You can even leave your line weaved through your gear!

  • Input Pressure Max 300 PSI*
  • Adjustable output from 40 - 120 PSI
  • Large bore line for maximum airflow
  • Mini gauge for quick and accurate adjustment
  • Output pressure is lockable (Field Lock)
  • Includes regulator, 36" hose assembly, quick disconnect, adjusting tool (Allen Key)
  • Also available: Valken SLP QD Air Rig Parts Kit #78860
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