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WE 1911 Grip

Article number: WEE016BLK
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Once again, WE has made something very interesting and different from your run-of-the-mill airsoft pistol. The Skull Grip pistols are 1911A1 pattern gas blowback pistols with machined hexagonal patterns and cuts on the slide and grip panels. The skeletonized slide and grip panels provide for a lighter weight, faster cycling pistol while making the appearance very interesting at the same time. The Skull Grips internals are the latest generation by WE, making it a much more durable and better performer than their earlier 1911 offerings. If you are looking for something different to collect or want to stand out on the battlefield, then the Skull Grip 1911 is the gun you have been waiting for. This pistol is fully compatible with our selection of Maple Leaf inner barrels and hop upgrades, so it can be both a looker and a shooter. We didn't get very many of these, so get yours now!

Item No: WEE016BLK

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