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The SMP (Single Moving Part) system is the cutting edge of airsoft technology.

Powered by the Wolverine Airsoft exclusive springless imbalanced poppet technology, the SMP offers the least moving parts (one), the most efficient air usage, and superior adaptability to any other HPA system on the market. The V2 SMP is a drop-in HPA cylinder replacement unit designed to fit any V2 gearbox that uses a standard TM compatible cylinder set and trigger switch. Featuring precisely adjustable velocity, ROF, and burst settings the SMP can fill any role on the airsoft field and the unprecidented operating range lets you switch between roles without ever disassembling your gun. No matter your role, CQB to DMR and everything in between, the SMP will bring your game to the next level with instant trigger response, precise tunability, and reliability that lets you focus on your game, rather than your equipment.

Product Specs

Specs are approximate for standard 363mm length barrel. Testing performed using pre-production model SMP. Updates will be made as necessary with production specs when available.

  • Operating Pressure: 40-120psi
  • Velocity: Adjustable 300-475fps with .25s
  • ROF: Adjustable 5-40+ RPS
  • Burst Modes: 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, auto
  • Trigger Response: ~10ms (time from trigger pull until bb leaves the barrel)
  • FCU Dimensions: .6" x 2"
  • Estimated air usage: (Tank ci.) x (Tank psi)/ 50 *
  • Battery: Extremely compact 500mah 7.4V Lipo with built in PCM. 46mmx 20mmx13mm


  • HPA Drop in Cylinder Replacement
  • Fits any gearbox that uses standard TM compatible cylinder set
  • Instant trigger response with no first round dry fire
  • Superior air efficiency
  • FCU full time sleep mode

*Air use is highly sensitive to changes in operating pressure and tank and gun setup. These results were achieved on a stock 363mm barrel and hopup with .25 gram bbs at 80 psi shooting 395 fps shooting from an ELP 13ci tank. We are currently gathering data on air usage with various setups and will be publishing that data when it becomes available.


The Wolverine Airsoft Single Moving Part (SMP) system is the next step in the evolution of HPA airsoft technology. The SMP is the first product to hit the airsoft market which departs from the model of repackaging paintball electro-pneumatic technology to fit into an airsoft gun body. By recognizing that the needs of an airsoft gun to propel a 1/4 gram bb are very different from propelling a paintball 10x that weight we were enabled to develop a design that is more efficient, less complex, safer, and cheaper.

Why the SMP?

The SMP is a drop in electro-pneumatic cylinder unit which fits into an existing gearbox. It utilizes a direct solenoid fired mechanism which reduces the number and complexity of parts. While others have experimented with direct solenoid fired designs with limited success, the key is the Wolverine Airsoft springless imbalanced poppet design. This design is currently in the process of being patented. This system has a variety of advantages:

  • Engineered, manufactured, and assembled in the USA!
  • One moving part (excluding the solenoid valve)
  • Reduced number of critical seals
  • Improved air efficiency over comparable systems
  • Wide range of operating pressures (40-125psi)
  • Improved cross platform compatibility
  • Reduced cost due to significantly lower parts count
  • True open bolt design (rear biased nozzle gives instant trigger response with no first shot dry fire)
  • Safety: while sufficiently high velocities can be achieved to satisfy most every need on the airsoft field, unnecessarily high and potentially dangerous velocities are not easily attainable using an SMP system.

The result is a total package which is more reliable, more efficient, less complex, and less expensive than any comparable product on the market.

How it Works: Mechanics

As was mentioned before the SMP uses the Wolverine Airsoft exclusive springless imbalanced poppet. This design was invented by Wolverine Airsoft and is extremely simple. We are not able to layout the details of the internal workings of the system at this time. Look for more details in the future. What we can say is that this system operates with a single solenoid valve and a single moving part. The air nozzle is rear biased in a true open bolt fashion giving instant trigger response while eliminating first shot dry fire. Air efficiency is improved because there is no air wasted on cycling the action or opening a mechanical poppet valve. The same air is used to cycle the action, open the poppet valve, and fire the bb in one continuous action.

Due to the compact form factor of the SMP we are able to package it as a cylinder replacement which fits inside your gearbox. This results in excellent cross platform compatibility as well as avoiding issues with any of the many idiosyncrasies of how the gearboxes fit in different platforms or guns from different manufacturers.

How it Works: Electronics

The electronics of the SMP, like the mechanics, are streamlined, efficient, and functional. Due to the simplified mechanical design there is no need for a menu with lots of different values to be set. Settings are changed by on the fly adjustment of small dials on the FCU and in a simple startup menu. This also allows us to make the FCU extremely small. Just 2"x.6"! This will make packaging in whatever gun you chose a breeze.

Sleep mode is enabled on the electronics to conserve battery life. In fact, when you pull the trigger the electronics wake up just long enough to fire the gun, and then immediately go back to sleep. This all occurs so quickly you would never know it if it werent for the resulting excellent battery life. Reverse polarity protection is also provided to ensure no damage due to an incorrectly connected battery. In addition the SMP includes a custom made and exceptionally compact 500mah 7.4V lipo with built in PCM to eliminate over charging and discharging the battery.

Will it fit my gun?

With the many variations of guns on the market, this is a very legitimate (and not always straightforward) question. Due to the fact that the SMP occupies the space in your gearbox previously taken up by your cylinder set, the SMP will fit the vast majority of guns that utilize a standard TM compatible cylinder set with a centered air nozzle. The main concern in fitment will be appropriate air nozzle length. The standard V2 kit is sold with a TM spec length M4 nozzle. The standard V3 kit is sold with a TM spec AK length nozzle. Other nozzle lengths can be purchased to fit many other common models. We will be providing more information on measuring your nozzle length to ensure compatibility in the near future.

The V2 and V3 trigger boards are made to fit any V2/V3 TM compatible gearboxes. M249 kits utilize the standard M249 trigger switch. Installation in other gearboxes will require some soldering to utilize the existing trigger switch, and will require the addition of a selector switch. Please see our page on custom installations for tech tips for those that have to have that unique one of a kind SMP setup!

Check out our AEX First Look at these Wolverine SMP kits in Action!

Part# SMP-CA-V2

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