ZCI M4/M16 10 Inch Outer Barrel 14 mm Counter-Clockwise

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Need your gun to be more compact for those CQB fields? Grab one of the ZCI’s shorter barrels for your AR/M4 and lower the profile of your gun and dominate those close quarter arenas.

ZCI M4 / M16 10” Outer Barrel 14mm CCW

ZCI is a great brand for airsoft accessories and parts for the price, and the external parts are a good addition to have on your airsoft gun. The ZCI 10inch outer barrel can turn your 14.5 inches or longer M4 into an MK18 length making it a compact yet effective gun in tight spaces. The aluminum construction keeps the weight down and greatly affects the handling of the gun, while the matte black finish keeps it to its natural color scheme. The ZCI outer barrel also lets you convert your clockwise barrel to a counter-clockwise thread giving you more options for flash hiders and mock suppressors.


  • Aluminum Lightweight Construction
  • Matte Black Finish


Length: 10 inches
Weight: 156 g
Thread: 14mm Counter-Clockwise
Material: Aluminum

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