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Discover Our Selection of Airsoft Suppressors

Suppressors are one of the coolest aspects of airsoft. Adding one to your airsoft rifle or pistol greatly changes the look and makes your gun stand out from the crowd. Suppressors come in a great variety of shapes, sizes and colors, giving your gun its own unique style and flavor. Airsoft suppressors do NOT reduce the sound signature of the gun, because most of the sound comes from the gearbox or the slide/bolt action of a gas gun. Real gun suppressors dampen the sound coming from the blast of gunpowder exiting the barrel…there is no such blast from an airsoft gun. Hence, all the suppressors offered by Airsoft Extreme are “mock” suppressors. Unless otherwise noted, all suppressors offered are threaded 14mm counterclockwise. Please know the threading of your gun’s barrel so you can select the appropriate suppressor.

Suppressors will either screw directly onto the barrel or attach to a flash hider. If you see a suppressor and flash hider combination, it is because the suppressor attaches to the flash hider. Airsoft Extreme offers a wide selection of very affordable, very attractive suppressors. We constantly change our mix of products to reflect the latest trends and newest styles.

Practical Applications of Suppressors

Besides looking super cool, there is a practical reason for using a suppressor. A common upgrade to your airsoft gun is increasing your inner barrel length to enhance your accuracy and velocity. However, it can be difficult and expensive to extend the outer barrel to support your inner barrel. Sometimes, having a longer outer barrel is unattractive and makes your gun look “unbalanced”. Rather than replacing your outer barrel, an economical way to extend your outer barrel is to use a mock suppressor to conceal and protect the longer inner barrel inside. For example, installing a 275mm inner barrel on an AAP-01 or Glock 17 will increase the velocity to 380 fps with 0.20g BBs. Using a silencer to cover up the extended barrel makes the gun look cooler and disguises the true power of this pistol.

Shop our selection of airsoft suppressors and find the perfect suppressor for your airsoft gun today at Airsoft Extreme.

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