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- Steel Construction over Aluminum.
- Required for a KWA KSC H&K Umarex Heckler & KOch MP7 to use a 14mm- Airsoft mock silencer or tracer unit.
- Precision perfect fitted for KWA MP7 GBB
- 100% CNC Milled process for maximum durability and precision.
Tired of seeing orange on the tip of your gun? Change the look of your barrel by crowning it with the Castellan Epsilon 556 flash hider and make your rifle look good out in the field.
Classic Army Classic Army MP5 threaded Flash Hider CW
Tired of looking at your basic flash hider and want to change it up? Go with the Castellan Gamma 556 and give your gun the look you desire.
Replace that orange tip on your AEG with a more aggressive-looking flash hider and what better one than the ZCI Victory steel flash hider.
Getting tired of that obnoxious orange tip? Swap it out with this stylish flash hider by Classic Army! Perfect for SPR/7.62 style builds!
Do you have an airsoft rifle with clockwise threading that limits what kind of mock suppressors or flash hiders you can thread on? The ZCI CW to CCW thread adapter solves this problem within a matter of seconds!
Getting tired of the same old orange tip or want to update your flash hider with something with more flash? The Castellan SLR Muzzle brake will spice up the look of your rifle and not make your barrel any heavier.
PTS PTS MP7 51T AAC Blackout Flash Hider 12mm CW for Umarex MP7 AEG and KWA MP7 GBB SMG
Give your rifle some character with the licensed PTS Griffin SD FlashComp and make it stand out from the rest of your team’s lineup.
Showingof 54 item(s)