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Explore Our Large Selection of Electric Airsoft Rifles

Electric airsoft rifles are some of the most popular guns in the airsoft community. They offer the best value in terms of features, performance, and price and they look super cool to boot. They are simple to operate, easy to learn, and come in a greatly variety of styles. The most inexpensive airsoft rifle is versatile and user-friendly and is perfect for beginners. For experienced airsofters, premium electric rifles offer the best range, accuracy, and reliability electric rifles form the core of every airsofter’s collection!

At Airsoft Extreme, we have a wide selection of electric airsoft rifles from the best brands in the industry. We offer electric airsoft rifles from major brands like Tokyo Marui, G&G, KWA, Elite Force, Specna Arms, and many, many more. Whether you are looking for your first primary or seeking a new rifle to add to your collection, Airsoft Extreme has the rifle for you!

Why Choose Electric Airsoft Rifles?

The invention of the electric airsoft rifle is the reason for the massive growth of the sport. Electric airsoft rifles use relatively inexpensive, rechargeable battery packs to power a small air compressor - known as the gearbox - in the body of the rifle. Unlike small handguns and submachine guns, the gearbox in a rifle is capable of generating much higher velocity and therefore range. Compared to gas-powered airsoft guns that require purchasing gas propellants and frequent maintenance, electrically powered airsoft rifles are very easy to maintain and quite inexpensive to operate. Rechargeable battery packs easily last 1000 shots or more, and magazine capacities of 100-600 BBs provided much more firepower than gas gun magazines. For these reasons, electric airsoft rifles are the reason behind the immense popularity of airsoft gaming, and are the mainstay of any airsofter’s arsenal.

By virtue of having a longer barrel, airsoft electric rifles are more powerful and accurate. This makes them perfect for airsoft games, where you need to engage your opponents from a distance. Almost all rifles are select fire, meaning they can shoot either semi-automatic or fully automatic, making them capable of firing both accurate single fire or laying down a blanket of BBs to suppress or hit multiple opponents. Most modern airsoft rifles are designed to accommodate many accessories such as scopes, lights, lasers, and grips that are designed to enhance your gun’s function and performance. And most importantly, electric rifles are fairly easy to repair and upgrade, making it an investment that will last for as long as you want to enjoy the sport. If you are just starting your airsoft adventure, an electric rifle should be your first purchase!

As with other gun types, Airsoft Extreme offers a great variety of electric airsoft rifles in a wide range of sizes, styles, and price points. We carry all the top brands like Tokyo Marui, KWA, Elite Force, G and G, Specna, Lancer Tactical, and many, many more. Shop our online collection of airsoft electric rifles today to find the perfect model for your needs!

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