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Discover Our Selection of High Pressure Air - HPA Guns

High Pressure Air (HPA) systems represent the bleeding edge of airsoft gun technology. Based on existing technology from paintball guns, HPA guns are renowned for their durability, accuracy, and rate of fire. You can purchase a preconfigured HPA gun or convert an exisitng electric rifle into an HPA rifle. Gas powered guns can also be adapted to use HPA systems, which greatly increases their all-weather performance and magazine capacity. HPA systems can be easy to use, but require a much higher level of technical knowledge to operate and maintain than basis electric and gas airsoft systems. All HPA powered guns require an external air tank and a regulator for controlling the flow of air to the gun. For those in pursuit of the highest level of performance from their airsoft guns, consider owning a HPA powered airsoft gun.

HPA Rifles Systems

Electric rifles can be converted to HPA use with a drop-in unit that replaces the gearbox of the electric gun, or an engine can be inserted into an existing gearbox. Engines are the most versatile and cost effective form of HPA systems since they can be adapted to a wider variety of guns by changing a few parts. HPA rifle systems can be electronically controlled or mechanical in nature. Electronically controlled HPA engines are very sophisticated computer controlled devices, requiring a small battery to power a circuit board (known as the Fire Control Unit), and are very programmable for a large variety of performance settings and features. Mechanical systems are cheaper and simpler to operate (don’t require a circuit board and separate battery), but are usually limited to semi auto function. Full featured HPA engines are capable of very high rates of fire in single and full automatic, and are even capable of binary fire: two shots with each pull and release of the trigger.

HPA Pistol Systems

Converting an airsoft gas pistol use requires an adapter for the conversion. Not all airsoft pistols have adapters, so be careful in choosing your pistol if you seek to convert it into a HPA powered system. The adapters allow you to use an external HPA tank to power the gun, and a higher capacity magazine to fit into the bottom. The result is a pistol that can fire 10-100X more shots than a regular green gas or CO2 powered pistol, with a much higher rate of fire. High pressure air is not subject to temperature variances like green gas or CO2, resulting in more consistent performance. While the operation of the gun and maintenance required stays the same, the resultant increase in firepower and consistency make HPA powered pistols the utlimate in handheld performance.

Generally speaking, using a HPA gun is fairfly simple: connect the tank, insert your mag, powere up the engine, and you are ready to play. However, the top of the line HPA systems can be complex and require careful tuning to get the most out of your gun.

The professional technicians at Airsoft Extreme are ready to build the HPA gun of your dreams. We proudly offer Polarstar and Wolverine HPA engines which are renowned for their engineering quality, durability, and performance. We carry only the best pistol HPA adapters from Primary Airsoft and CTM. We also offer pre-built Wolverine and Heretic HPA rifles, which are, in our opinion, the ultimate expression of airsoft HPA performance. If you desire to outfit yourself with the best airsoft gun money can buy, we are ready to help you build the perfect HPA setup that fits your style of play. Our product selection and build expertise is standing by to deliver you your ultimate airsoft gun!

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