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Payment Methods


Airsoft Extreme accepts all major credit cards for in store purchases.  We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, and Amercian Express.  Credit card payments are processed securely through third party payment processing companies.  No payment information is stored by Airsoft Extreme during or after the transaction.  Only chip and magnetic stripe transactions are accepted in store and are subject to additional identification verification.  Airsoft Extreme does not allow manual inputting of credit card information in store.

Credit card payments online are processed through, a secure, third party payment processor.  Airsoft Extreme does not store any payment information during or after the transaction.  All online credit card payments are subject to identity verification and fraud checks in the form of CVV code and billing address verification.  Please note, if your billing address and shipping address do not match, you will automatically be contacted by Airsoft Extreme for further identity verification procedures to ensure that your card is not being used for fraudulent purposes.

Some online credit card payments may be subject to delay.  If you are using a IpV6 internet address, will delay the approval of your credit card payment up to 24 hours.  This is because their anti-fraud tracking methods cannot identify the origin of your online payment.  Please be patient as this will be resolved by us within 24 hours and your payment will be processed accordingly.

Airsoft Extreme accepts cash in its retail stores but does not accept checks for point of sale purchases.  Airsoft Extreme will accept checks from customers who have provided credit credentials to us and have been granted Net payment terms.  Please contact us for more details.

Airsoft Extreme accepts all forms of contactless payment methods in our retail stores, such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.  Please notify the sales clerk when using one of these payment methods.

Airsoft Extreme accepts Paypal via its ecommerce site.  Our Paypal address is [email protected].  Please see Paypal's terms of use for more information.  Note: we have been experiencing significant delays in Paypal communicating your payment to us.  Your order may show "Awaiting Payment" status even though your Paypal account confirms transmission of funds.  Please be patient as Paypal may take up to 24 hours to transmit your payment information to us.


Airsoft Extreme does NOT accept international credit card payments.  International orders may only be placed using Paypal or International Bank (Wire) Transfers.

If using Paypal, your account must be Non-US Verified.  Orders with Non-US Unverified account payments will be contacted to verify their accounts.  Unverified accounts after three days will have their orders cancelled and refunded.

If sending funds via International Bank (Wire) Transfer, please email us at [email protected] or call us (408) 492-9282.