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Airsoft Extreme offers a wide variety of modification parts designed to improve your gun’s capabilities. We have a selection of high-quality, economically priced parts as well as top-of-the-line performance parts designed to push the bleeding edge of airsoft gun performance. The brands we offer are proven in quality, design, and capability, as well as having a long history of achieving results. Whatever it is you wish to improve, Airsoft Extreme will have a suitable part for you!

The most important step to upgrading is deciding what aspects of your gun you want to improve. We categorize these aspects into the following general categories: Accuracy, Range, Durability, Efficiency, and Rate of Fire. Specific parts or groups of parts are designed to modify each of these aspects. Generally speaking, we recommend you use parts from the same manufacturer since the manufacturer designs their parts to work with each other. If you are a tinkerer, however, it can be quite fun to experiment with different mixes of parts. As always, you can contact our technical staff via email or by phone to discuss your specific needs. With 20+ years of experience working with all the major brands in airsoft, our staff is sure to offer you some helpful recommendations.

Airsoft Extreme also offers professional installation of all the parts we sell. Every one of our stores has one or more trained technicians to assist you with repairs and modifications. We will discuss with you your performance objectives, and give you a clear expectation of the parts, time, and cost to achieve those objectives. We will even install parts you purchase from somewhere else. When we install parts you buy from us, we even offer a no-questions-asked, 90 day warranty on those parts. Please note this warranty does not extend to parts not purchased from us or parts you install yourself.

For many, tinkering and modifying their airsoft guns is just as enjoyable as shooting their gun. Airsoft Extreme offers a wide selection of parts to help you give your gun a character and performance that is unique to you. Please enjoy browsing our selection of parts and start upgrading your gun today!

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Upgrade Parts

Upgrade Parts


We carry a huge assortment of internal and external parts for your airsoft guns! If you are looking to enhance your airsoft gun, upgrade the internals, do a complete makeover or just looking to add to your tactical setup, we will have what you need. 

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