BBs and Gas

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Available in Red and Green, never lose sight of a shot again or create your own light show with AEX tracer bbs.
Do you feel like your current BBs are too light for your AEG that they fly everywhere? Order a bag of our 0.25g BBs and watch the trajectory of your BBs fly more straight and level than before.
AEX-Brand 0.20g BBs
Seamless and Polished
5.95mm Diameter
Premium-Grade Airsoft Ammo
Whether you're putting rounds down range or lobbing an earth-shattering Thunder-B at an unsuspecting player; you can never have too many cartridges!
AEX-Brand BB Loader
Compact, User-Friendly
90-Round Capacity
This high-speed speed loader is the perfect loader for loading your M4 magazines.
Tired of filling your speedloader more than your magazines? The AEX 470 BB loader is here to save the day!
Elite Force Airsoft Bio BBs are specially engineered for the highest performance and best biodegradability.
Cut down the amount of time it takes you to reload your mid-caps and pistol magazines with the UKARMS 470 round bb loader. Fill up fast and get back out to play some airsoft!
AEX-Brand 0.28g BBs
Seamless and Polished
5.95mm Diameter
Premium-Grade Airsoft Ammo
A thread adaptor that fits many common 1lb propane tanks.
Did you just purchase a new Tracer Unit and wanna give it a little test run? Buy a pack of Excel Orange Bio Tracers and watch as you light up the dark night with lit up rounds into your target.
M4 Magazine Style
Smoked Color
400 Round Capacity
AEX-Brand 0.32g Heavyweight BBs
Seamless and Polished
Outdoor Field-Friendly
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