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Explore Our Selection of Grenade Launchers

Grenade launchers are a true novelty in the world of airsoft. They do not actually launch grenades, but fire a cloud of BBs out of its barrel. Some specialized launchers will fire non-BB projectiles, but those are not common. Airsoft grenade launchers are equivalent to shotguns, in that they fire a mass of BBs toward your intended target. Airsoft grenade launchers are very effective in clearing a room of opponents or taking out a group of players. Airsoft Extreme offers a variety of grenade launchers, including multi-shot, standalone and barrel mounted launchers.

All airsoft grenade launchers utilize some sort of gas powered shell, also referred to as 40MM shells or M203 shells. These shells typically use green gas (although some are CO2 powered) which is contained in the shell base, and the upper portion of the shell contains the BBs. The size of the shell will dictate how BBs they can contain. Airsoft Extreme has 40MM/M203 shells that hold as few as 48 to as many as 108 BBs which are all fired in one blast.

Airsoft Extreme carries multi-shot grenade launchers, single shot launchers, underbarrel “M203” style launchers, and mini-rail mounted launchers that can be mounted onto a wide variety of rifles and pistols. These allow you, the player, to surprise your opponents in the most unpleasant (or pleasant, depending on your perspective) way possible.

At Airsoft Extreme, we carry a variety of grenade launchers and shells to fit your style of game play. Shop our selection of grenade launchers to find the perfect combination for your airsoft loadout. Airsoft Extreme is proud to offer the best airsoft products from the most trusted brands. If you have any questions, our team of airsoft experts is here to help!

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