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At Airsoft Extreme, we have a wide range of airsoft pistols and submachine guns that cater to both beginners and advanced players. Airsoft gun pistols and airsoft SMGs are excellent choices for airsoft combat in confined spaces. As a sidearm, they also serve as a backup to your rifle, should your rifle cease to function or become difficult to maneuver in tight spaces. Many players also choose to run and gun with pistols or SMGs only, making their airsoft combat experience more thrilling and challenging!

If you’re looking for blowback or non-blowback, green gas or CO2, we have all the handguns you need to take your game to the next level! Airsoft Extreme also carries a wide range of airsoft SMGs from top-quality brands like KWA and G &G guaranteed to fit every situation and every need.

How to Choose The “Right” Airsoft Pistol or SMG

With so many Airsoft gun options to choose from, it can be confusing and difficult to decide which is the “right” choice for you. Airsoft Extreme has done the hard work of selecting the best-performing and most reliable guns in the industry, from all the top brands including Tokyo Marui, Elite Force, ASG, Action Army, and more! Every gun offered is backed by manufacturer’s warranties or a reliable supply of aftermarket parts to keep you running and gunning.

When choosing an airsoft pistol or SMG, you should consider the following to help you make your decision.
1) Where and/or how will you use the gun?
2) What style of gun do you prefer?
3) What is your budget?
4) Do you desire specific features?

Where and how you use your gun is pretty straightforward. Do you want to plink or target shoot in the backyard? Do you want to engage in airsoft wargames? Will the handgun or SMG be a primary weapon or a secondary (backup) weapon? Are you seeking a replica of a real firearm for practice and training? The simpler the needs, the simpler and cheaper the gun can be. The more you want to do with it, the more expensive and realistic a model you will need. Spending some time thinking about how you use the gun will greatly help in zeroing in on the right models for you.

Choosing a certain style is quite easy if you are looking for a replica of your real firearm for training or a copy of your favorite model gun in real life or from a video game. If you have no specific model in mind, then choose the gun that looks the coolest to you! After all, this is your hobby so select a gun that has a great appearance! In deciding your budget, please keep in mind you get what you pay for: more performance, more realism, more durability will always be more expensive than less. That being said, an inexpensive spring gun is fun for shooting in the backyard, while a high-performance blowback pistol capable of accepting many upgrades will deliver victory in your next battle! Airsoft handguns and submachine guns come in great variety, each with its own set of features.

Here are some comparisons to help you decide which feature set fits your needs:
1) Power source: manual spring cocking, battery-driven, CO2 capsules, or green gas.
2) Action: fixed slide, semi-blowback slide, full blowback slide or bolt
3) Material: plastic, metal, or a combination of both
4) Fire rate: semi-automatic, select fire, or fully automatic
5) Controls: right hand controls, ambidextrous controls
5) Sights: fixed sights, adjustable sights, or the option to mount a red dot sight
6) Upgradeability: availability of aftermarket parts to modify the gun’s appearance and performance

This list is to help you get started. You can always call us or email us with questions and we will happily assist you with selecting the “right” gun for your needs!

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G&G GTP 9 Green Gas Blowback Pistol