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New lightweight EDGE series design by Airsoft Masterpiece and Guns Modify. Compatible with Tokyo Marui, Airsoft Masterpiece, and EDGE series Hi Capa slides. Ultra-lightweight build combined with an early gas cutoff design gives you a lighter blowback acti
Want to make your Hi Capa more gas efficient and snappy? Reduce the weight in your slide and pick up an Airsoft Masterpiece EDGE blowback housing.
Maple Leaf EVO stainless steel hop up and 6.01mm tightbore stainless steel barrel upgrade set for KWA LM4 series. Available in 260mm, 370mm, and 510mm lengths.
Have a cracked nozzle in your stock Hi Capa? Pick up a Guarder Enhanced Hi Capa loading nozzle and get yourself back in the game
Is your stock G Series hop-up unit not able to sail your BB very far? The Maple Leaf Hop-Up unit for G Series pistols delivers a reinforced chamber that is able to press down on your bucking more aggressively for more range.
Airsoft Masterpiece Airsoft Masterpiece Enhanced Nozzle for Hi CAPA
Does your Tokyo Marui Hi Capa 5.1 run on green gas on a stock slide? Be sure to pick up a Guarder 150% spring set for your Hi Capa 5.1 to make your pistol more durable for green
Airsoft Masterpiece Airsoft Masterpiece Aluminum HI CAPA BlowBack Housing
Improve your Tokyo Marui 1911 or Hi Capa with this enhanced loading nozzle set by CowCow. Now in awesome PINK!
The Airsoft Masterpiece hop-up is a very durable upgrade compared to your stock unit, very compatible with aftermarket buckings and barrels for your Hi Capa.
Shoot Happy Airsoft SHA Stainless Hop-up for KWA LM4
. . .
Shoot Happy Airsoft SHA Stainless Hop-up for KWA LM4
One of the easiest upgrades for your Hi-Capa on the market! With one of the most noticeable effects!
Showingof 209 item(s)