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The iPower 11.1v 2200mah LiPo nunchuck battery gives the player the power to increase the trigger response and fire rate in a compact package.
Looking for a high-quality stock tube battery? This might be the battery for you
Lasts for ~8 hours of play on a full charge
Able to power most if not all AEGs on the market
Designed to sit in the stock of your AEG
Pre-installed Mini Tamiya plug for maximum compatibility
Does your gun have a really small battery compartment and need a battery that fits? The iPower 7.4v will fit small compartments and offer great performance all in one.
Specifically designed for electro-pneumatic HPA engines
300mAh capacity lasts for ~12,000-15,000 engine cycles before needing a recharge
Able to power all electro-pneumatic HPA engines
Pre-installed JST connector compatible with most HPA Engines
iPower 7.4v 2200mah Nunchuck Lipo Battery with Mini-Tamiya connector.
1200mAh capacity lasts for ~1000 shots before needing a recharge
Pre-installed Mini Tamiya connector for maximum compatibility
Designed for M4 Stock Tubes made to hold “Buffer Tube LiPo”, this configuration is shorter than the 1200mAh LiPo so that the stock can be fully collapsed.
Having a hard time finding a battery that can fit under your AK’s dust cover or need one that will fit into a very slender compartment? The iPower 11.1v 1400mah 20c LiPo AK battery offers the slender size yet power of the 11.1v that's ready to go.
2200mAh capacity lasts for ~2000 shots before needing a recharge
Pre-installed lower resistance Deans connector allowing for a more solid connection between replica and battery both physically and electrically
Having a hard time finding a battery that can fit your high-end AEG’s stock tube? Fear not! The iPower 11.1v buffer tube battery fits a majority of the buffer tubes in the market.
If you need an extremely compact battery and demand high performance, look no further than Elite Force’s 11.1V Stick Battery!
Batteries are just as important as the gun itself. Make sure you treat your gun to the best possible!
Showingof 57 item(s)