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Room clearing? Bunker attacking? Outnumbered and outgunned? Even the odds with an airsoft grenade! Whether it's on a public game field or on your own private land, throwing airsoft grenades at your opponents definitely jacks up the adrenaline!

Airsoft Extreme offers a selection of gas powered airsoft hand grenades that are either single-use or refillable. They are either CO2 or green gas powered. Some are “sound” grenades only and do not eject any BBs, while others are designed to shoot out BBs. Hand grenades will have either a time delay or an impact activation mechanism (but not both). Please pay attention to your local field’s rules on the use of airsoft grenades in order to select the grenade most useful to you.

Another form of “grenade” we offer is the 40mm shell meant for 40mm launchers (such as the M203). These gas powered shells will hold dozens of BBs that shoot out of the shell, while the shell stays in the launcher, basically making it a gas powered “shotgun” shell. These 40mm shells can also be used as the basis for launching projectiles such as Nerf rockets or rubber chickens. What you can stuff in the launcher is up to your imagination!

Due to liability issues, Airsoft Extreme does not sell pyrotechnic powered BB or smoke grenades.

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Airsoft Extreme offers a selection of the most popular hand grenades for enhancing your wargame experience. Don’t forget to also purchase green gas or CO2 cartridges for those grenades that require them. Due to the nature of the hand grenades (thrown), please be aware that their lifespan can vary depending on the environment they are used in. Happy grenading!.

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Airsoft Innovations Bang 22 Timer Sound Grenade


AIBANG22 / AI-DD-22 / 628451034186