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Maxx Model CNC Aluminum Hopup Chamber SV for VFC SCAR Airsoft AEG Rifles

Maxx Model



Maxx Model CNC Aluminum Hopup Chamber SV for VFC SCAR Airsoft AEG Rifles

Upgrade your VFC SCAR-L/H AEG series with the Maxx Model CNC Aluminum Hopup Chamber SV, expertly designed to enhance accuracy, and durability, and maintain a consistent air seal. This precision-engineered Hopup Chamber SV features a rotary dial for fine adjustments and reworked hopup levers and concave nubs, ensuring that every shot is straight and accurate with both R-hop and Standard-Hop systems.

The Hopup Chamber SV accepts nozzle lengths from 21.00mm to 21.25mm for VFC SCAR-L and 38.50mm to 38.75mm for VFC SCAR-H. It's fully compatible with most aftermarket soft and hard rubber buckings without sacrificing FPS or dropping BBs. The CNC Delrin Locking C-Clip design keeps the barrel secure and eliminates wobble and twisting, while the extended sliding arms design ensures the hopup unit is always centered, straight, and airtight.

Optional add-ons include the UV LED Tracer and Electronic Module to glow BBs in the dark and the Empty Magazine Detection Sensor to stop Motor/HPA firing when the magazine is empty. These add-ons are sold separately. Please note that FPS might increase by 10 to 30 FPS over the stock setup, so check your FPS accordingly.


  • Precision-engineered for improved accuracy and consistent air seal
  • Rotary dial design for fine hopup adjustments
  • Compatible with R-hop and Standard-Hop systems
  • CNC Delrin Locking C-Clip for secure barrel positioning
  • Extended sliding arms design for centered and airtight hopup unit


  • 1 x CNC Aluminum Hopup Chamber SV unit
  • 2 x Strong Clear Vinyl Cover set
  • 1 x CNC Aluminum Standard-Hop Arm
  • 1 x CNC Aluminum R-Hop Arm
  • 1 x Silicone Rubber Standard-Hop Nub Damper
  • 1 x Silicone Rubber R-Hop Nub Damper
  • 1 x CNC Aluminum 4.5mm length Precision R-Hop Concave Nub
  • 1 x CNC Aluminum 6mm length Precision R-Hop Concave Nub
  • 1 x CNC Brass Threaded Slot Pin
  • 1 x CNC Delrin Locking C-Clip
  • 1 x CNC Barrel Brass Spacer
  • 1 x Brass Spacer Holder O-ring
  • 1 x Steel Compression Spring 


Material Aluminum 6061
Compatibility VFC SCAR-L/H AEG series
Color Orange

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