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Have you seen other players chucking Thunder B sound grenades into buildings taking out a handful of players and got you interested in them? Luckily Thunder B makes a beginner sampler set for you to give it a try and accustomed to how the grenades operate
Getting real tired of those campers hunkered down in those buildings? Grab hold of a Thunder B, pull the pin then toss it into the building as you listen to the screaming and yelling as your opponents are surprised by a very loud bang.
Airsoft Innovations Airsoft Innovations Tornado 2 Grenade GOLD
Need to take out a group of players? Nothing to worry about when you have a Castellan 72rd grenade shell to dispense on your whim.
Airsoft Innovations Airsoft Innovations Master Mike 40mm Gas Powered Blast Shell
Thunder B Thunder B Player Package 12 Shell Set / Pineapple Shell
Showingof 46 item(s)