AEX 0.25g BBs 4000 Round Count Bag

Do you feel like your current BBs are too light for your AEG that they fly everywhere? Order a bag of our 0.25g BBs and watch the trajectory of your BBs fly more straight and level than before.

AEX 0.25g BBs 4000 Round Count Bag

The 0.25g weight of BB is a very popular choice amongst airsoft players due to the addition of weight for stability but not so much that they lose distance or that the average gun has trouble applying hop-up. Perfect for any gun shooting 350 to 400 fps. The BBs are polished and have no seams to affect your trajectory also eliminating possible ways to jam your gun. The AEX 0.25g BBs are an affordable high-quality BB that players need to take advantage of!


  • Polished and Smooth
  • 5.95mm +/- .05mm
  • Perfect for 350 to 400 fps AEG or GBB pistols


Diameter: 5.95mm
Quantity: 4000 rounds
Weight: 0.25g
Type: Plastic
Color: White

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