AEX 4X32 Reflex Scope Combo

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Need a sight that can be useful in both field and CQB play? AEX has you covered with the AEX 4X32 Scope combo. Swap between the sights to have a 4X scope for longer range engagements and a red dot for closer range engagements.

AEX 4X32 Reflex Scope Combo

Extend your effective range or just complete the look of your replica with AEX’s ACOG style scope combo. Integrated red dot sight allows for better target acquisition and transition of sights when entering or leaving close quarters areas. Both sights are CNC metal constructed ensuring they’ll stand up over time. Both the scope and red dot are adjustable allowing you to sight them in with your preferred replica.


  • Available in Tan and Black
  • Comes with mounting hardware and tools
  • Red Dot lense is ruby coated with anti-glare and fog proof properties.


Magnification: 4x
Objective Diameter: 40mm
Tube Diameter: 1”
Weight: ~500 grams
Battery Type: (For top-mounted red dot) CR 2032
Reticle: Crosshairs with BDC Markings
Reticle Color: Black

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