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Airsoft Guide DVD, Vol 2




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AEX is the OFFICIAL US DISTRIBUTOR of Airsoft Guide DVD¬??s. Wholesale inquiries welcome. Volume 2 is now available and you can get Volume #1 right here! Or get both right here for for only $39.00!

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What is Airsoft?

A feature to explain all the ins and outs of Airsoft to even the most uninformed of people. A look at collecting, target shooting, skirmishing & Mil-Sim.

We compare real guns to Airsoft guns in America, and even go away with the British Army, only to eat food out of a bucket and have Mortars fired at us!!!

Airsoft Technical Tips

How to avoid common technical mistakes, How to perform technical work effectively, and more...

AEG Takedown Guides

TM AK47 Series
(AK47, AK47-s, AK47 Beta Spetsnaz)
TM AUG Series
(AUG Civilian, AUG Military)
TM TMP5K Series
TM and CA M36 Series
(TM M36c, CA M36, CA M36K)

Version 3 Gearbox Takedown Guide

Featuring detailed coverage of the take-down and rebuild procedure for this gearbox found in all of the AEGs covered above

Airsoft Abuse

"G-series Abuse"
Most of us know how tough the real-steel G-series are, but are Airsoft G-series just as reliable?

We put it to the test. 1 G-series, 10 tests, TOTAL Abuse! (see downloadable movie now)

The Kit List

(part 2)
The kit that airsofters use. What it does, how it works, and detailed data screens covering the most complicated items.


Fixing troublesome Hi-Capacity Magazines (including take-down and rebuild of the most popular models).

HOP-UP Masterclass

Learn how to take apart and rebuild HOP-UP units for the...

  • M16/M4 Series

  • BT5 Series

  • G3 Series

  • M36 Series

...and similar.