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Airsoft Masterpiece EDGE Ver.2 Hi Capa Blowback Housing




Airsoft Masterpiece EDGE Ver.2 Hi Capa Blowback Housing

The Hi Capa family of pistols is known to be highly upgradeable and has a vast amount of aftermarket parts to enhance their performance and looks. Airsoft Masterpiece brand has been making a large number of accessories and upgrade parts for the Hi Capa giving players many options on how they want to build up their pistols. The Airsoft Masterpiece Edge line of blowback housings being made out of lightweight aluminum greatly reduces the weight inside of the Hi Capa slide, cycling quicker and reducing gas consumption.

On top of that, the Airsoft Masterpiece EDGE blowback housing comes with a lower profile O-ring to reduce the amount of drag against the nozzle but keeping the same air seal you want. The Airsoft Masterpiece EDGE blowback housings is a highly recommended upgrade if you want to enhance your Hi Capa to the next level of performance.


  • CNC Lightweight Aluminum Construction
  • Improved Gas Efficiency
  • Smooth motion and Quick Blowback
  • Anodized finish


Compatibility: Tokyo Marui, and some Hi Capa style pistols
Colors: Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Silver, Grey
Material: 7075 Aluminum