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Amped Dual QD Standard Weave Line



AEX Line is a large bore line for your PolarStar or Daytona that is both flexible and durable. It is enclosed in a nylon sheathing that will not affect its flexibility but will help protect it from damage. Our line is available in the following configurations:
  • Single Quick Disconnect has an 1/8" NPT threaded fitting at one end and a female/coupler quick disconnect fitting on the other end. Daytona guns require this option since they utilize a higher flow rate on the regulator side fitting.
  • Dual Quick Disconnect has a male quick disconnect fitting on one end and a female quick disconnect fitting on the other end. You will need to choose a regulator adapter if you are upgrading from a standard air rig and use this adapter to replace the existing fitting on your regulator. This allows you to quickly swap lines or disconnect your line from your air rig, which simplifies the process of taking your tank out of your back pack. You can even leave your line weaved through your gear!
PolarStar users can use any of the above options depending on their setup.

  • Dual quick disconnect
  • Large bore line for your PolarStar or Daytona
  • Max pressure for this line is 200 PSI
  • Flexible and durable