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Apex Gun Builder Kit



Apex Gun Builder Kit (GBK) Todays airsofter has unparalleled access to a variety of parts to create the ideal gun that suits their tastes and style of play. The Apex GBK addresses the need for modern, professional airsofters to create their own gun. The GBK is more than just a metal body. The GBK starts with the uniquely styled Apex metal body and includes with it everything you need to make the core of the gun function.
The metal body features:
  • Locking bolt cover Locking simulated bolt plate (to adjust your hop-up easier)
  • Ambidextrous selector switch
  • Ambidextrous magazine release
  • Ambidextrous bolt release
  • Steel forward assist button
  • Realistic body pins
  • Real style receiver pins with ball detents to prevent removal and loss
  • Tactical trigger guard

The Apex GBK takes it one step further and comes in six colors:

  • Basic Black
  • Flat Dark Earth
  • Titanium Gray
  • Dark Bronze
  • Bright White (for your First Order aficionados)
  • Tiffany Blue (for the One Percenters and their Ladies)

The Apex GBK includes a complete, high-end gearbox, featuring:

  • 18:1 ratio steel EDM wire cut gearset
  • Polycarbonate piston
  • High silicone wiring
  • Air seal bore-up nozzle
  • Stainless steel bore up cylinder
  • Aluminum cylinder head
  • Aluminum piston head
  • 120 m/s spring

The gearbox is fully TM compatible, so you can feel free to swap out any of the parts to achieve your perfect gearbox build. You can even change the bolt plate arm to an Electric Blowback Arm (available separately). The ambidextrous selector switch is a bit tricky to install, so please be sure to view this assembly/disassembly video. (

In order to complete the gun, you will need to provide:

  • Pistol grip and motor
  • Outer barrel
  • Inner barrel with hop up unit
  • Handguard set
  • Stock and stock tube set

Admit it, most of you were going to replace this stuff anyways. Why buy a gun, only to throw away half the parts and replace them with aftermarket upgrades and accessories in order to achieve the gun YOU want?

Furthermore, the GBK is the perfect starting point for a custom HPA builds! Simply drop in a Jack or SMP/Inferno HPA kit and you are up and running. Note: Fusion Engines will NOT fit in the Apex lower receiver.

The Apex GBK is the answer to your custom gun needs. At only $135, you can build your dream gun for less than ever before.