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AEX San Diego And Los Angeles Will Be CLOSED

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AEX San Diego And Los Angeles Will Be CLOSED

Airsoft Extreme Los Angels And San Diego will be CLOSED Jan 17 - 22.

To all of our San Diego location customers: As a precautionary measure, the store is closed for the week of Jan 17 to Jan 22 due to some of our staff being exposed to COVID. On either Jan 13 or Jan 14, some members of our staff encountered an infected individual and started experiencing symptoms of COVID infection within 24 hours. As some of you may have discovered, we had to close the store unexpectedly on Jan 15 because we did not have sufficient staff members who were healthy enough to work. For their recovery and the safety of our customers, we have no choice but to close the store until all of our staff test negative. We expect this will take a week, but it may take longer. We will resume access and service as soon as we are able. Despite the precautions we took - vaccinations, masking, sanitizing the store frequently - the infections still occurred. This highlights the highly infectious nature of the virus, how vigilant we must be against it, and particularly the dangers retail and service staff face in dealing with the general public. No matter what you may believe regarding this disease, it exists and the risks are real, and it has now viciously impacted the Airsoft Extreme family. Please be considerate of other people's health. If you feel ill or had recent interactions with an infected person, please be cautious about going out in public until you are certain you are not infected. As for now, our priority is the recovery and health of our employees. We hope to serve your airsoft needs again as soon as possible, so stayed tuned.