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Castellan SLR Muzzle Brake 14mm Counter-Clockwise

Getting tired of the same old orange tip or want to update your flash hider with something with more flash? The Castellan SLR Muzzle brake will spice up the look of your rifle and not make your barrel any heavier.
Article number: CASTH098BK
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Castellan SLR Muzzle Brake 14mm Counter-Clockwise

Castellan has created a short, styled Muzzle brake in the SLR format, making it a low profile on your rifle and keeping it light. The CNC aluminum material is very strong and is very rigid so your gun’s barrel will take a fine beating from gameplay. With the muzzle brake also being 14mm Counter-Clockwise, it has the ability to be screwed onto most rifles in the market.


  • CNC Lightweight Aluminum
  • Matte Black Finish
  • Ported vents


Length: 2.5 inches
Thread: 14mm Counter-Clockwise
Color: Black
Material: Aluminum

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