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Classic Army 106mm Flash Hider 14mm CCW

Classic Army



Classic Army 106mm Flash Hider 14mm CCW

Your fancy ghillie suit can only do so much with that unapologetically orange muzzle poking out in front of you. If you’re going to swap it out do so with style with this muzzle device from Classic Army! Most OE orange flash hiders are made from cheap plastic, which really throws off the image from the rest of the gun’s build. The Classic Army Flash-Hider features a high-quality full metal construction! And an extended design for those who’d like to shroud an inner barrel. Looks great on Scar-H/Mk-17 and M40A5 models!


  • Perfect for SPR builds
  • Full metal construction
  • Easy to install


Color: Grey
Material: Metal
Threads: 14mm Counter-Clockwise

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