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CTM TAC Hi Capa Speed Holster




CTM Hi Capa Speed Holster for Marui/WE/KJ/ICS/EMG Hicapa Airsoft Guns

Introducing the latest innovation from CTM Airsoft: the CTM Hi Capa Speed Holster. Crafted to accommodate popular Hi Capa brands including Marui, WE, KJ Works, ICS, and RWA/EMG, this holster is designed for swift and secure access during intense airsoft skirmishes. The holster's open-type design incorporates advanced safety mechanisms to prevent accidental firing while ensuring rapid deployment.

Equipped with a durable belt clip attachment, the CTM Hi Capa Speed Holster offers players the convenience of easy access without compromising on safety. The release lever, highlighted in striking red, features a dual safety mechanism that requires the depression of the lever safety for gun release, minimizing the risk of accidental discharges. Furthermore, the adjustable angle design allows for seamless integration with Molle and Safariland systems, offering versatile customization options for tactical setups.

Designed with feedback from the airsoft community in mind, the CTM Hi Capa Speed Holster features a self-resetting mechanism upon re-insertion of the gun, providing users with a visual indicator of secure gun placement. Experience unmatched reliability and functionality with the CTM Hi Capa Speed Holster, backed by over two decades of expertise from Airsoft Extreme.


  • Compatible with Marui, WE, KJ Works, ICS, and RWA/EMG Hicapa airsoft guns
  • Open-type holster design with advanced safety mechanisms
  • Striking red release lever with dual safety mechanism
  • Durable belt clip attachment for easy access
  • Adjustable angle design for compatibility with Molle and Safariland systems
  • Self-resetting mechanism for secure gun placement


Weight 85 g
Material POM