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CTM AAP01 / GLOCK to M4 HPA Adapter




CTM HPA Adapter for AAP01/Glock Pistols

Unlock the potential of your Glock airsoft pistols with the CTM HPA adapter for AAP01/Glock pistols. Designed with precision and expertise, this adapter allows you to harness the power of High-Pressure Air (HPA) and M4 AEG magazines, elevating your gameplay to the next level. Whether you're a seasoned airsoft enthusiast or a newcomer, this innovative accessory promises performance, reliability, and excitement on the field.  The Glock/AAP-01 adapter promises high performance at a lower price than existing brands, while featuring a cool selection of colors not available elsewhere.


  • Enhanced Compatibility: The CTM HPA adapter is compatible with a range of airsoft pistols, including Elite Force, WE, Armorer Works, TM, AAP-01, KJW, and SSP.
  • Durable Construction: The adapter body is constructed from strong glass-reinforced nylon material, ensuring long-lasting performance. The magazine release is CNC-machined from 6061 aluminum for precision and durability.
  • Optimal Performance: For consistent and optimal performance, it is recommended to use high-quality M4 AEG magazines with strong springs. This ensures reliable feeding and minimizes the risk of wear and damage to your airsoft pistol.
  • Easy Installation: The package includes the AAP-01/Glock HPA M4 Magazine Adapter, a 2.5mm x 100mm hex head with a nylon gasket, and a universal feed tube for a hassle-free installation process.
  • Available in Various Colors: Choose from a variety of color options to match your personal style, including Black-Grey, Blue-Silver, Red-Gold, Violet-Green, and more.
  • HPA bottle, regulator, air line, and M4 magazine required to work with this adapter (not included)


Weight 107 grams
Material Body - Strong glass-reinforced nylon material, Release button - CNC 6061 aluminum, Valve 1215MS Free cutting steel

Note: this adapter does NOT work with Umarex Elite Force Glock green gas magazines.  You must use a WE or Action Army Glock-compatible magazine with this adapter.  WE and Action Army Glock-compatible magazines will function in Elite Force licensed green gas Glock pistols (except G42).