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Dynamic Precision Match Cylinder for Blowback Housing




Revolutionary product is arrived. The new heart for the Next Gen Blowback Housing DP-TM-HC-9 /10. We understand it is so frustrated of the jamming gun during in a competition. It is because of inflated o-ring in most cases. This new cylinder is made of special plastic polymer which is extremely tough, anti-oil, anti-freeze and anti-scratch. Ultra durability and stable to keep in the right size. Precisely CNC with tight tolerance.

Dual Air Seal Ring is to replace the o-ring design. No more o-ring and no more jamming because of the inflated o-ring. This also to balance and keep the nozzle in the center for a smooth movement. Double safety to keep your gun running during a match.

Air Compression design to enhance the blowback power. More stable and powerful blowback for each shot.


  • Apply light strength screw glue to the screw which hold the plastic cylinder to the housing. 
  • Fully lubricate the cylinder, nozzle before use. Thin lubricate oil is recommanded. 

For fitting:
As there is tolerance for each nozzles. This cylinder will require fitting to get to it's best fit size for air seal to each nozzle. This is slightly oversized on purpose, use fine sand paper to reduce the diameter of the 2 air seal ring until the cylinder can completely insert to the nozzle. Avoid to use rough sand paper as it may scratch the air seal ring.

Frequant check, clean ing and lubricate will extend the life of the product. The cylinder will wear off due to long time usage . The cylinder require to replace when the blowback power significately reduce.

Vendor No: DP-TM-HC-BMC