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Dye Precision Switch EL Thermal Lens, Clear

Dye Precision



Dye Precision Switch EL Thermal Lens, Clear

The Dye Precision Thermal Lens features a dual-pane sealed design to keep your vision fog-free. Thermal lenses are designed to stay fog-free and maintain clarity even when your body runs hot from the game! The Proto lenses were made to give optimal peripheral vision, as well as maintain a wide horizontal and vertical field of view. To further enhance performance these lenses are also rated for 98% UV protection.


  • Anti Fog
  • Thermal Dual Pane Lens
  • Designed To Maintain Perfect Optical Clarity
  • Wide Horizontal and Vertical Field of View


Color: Clear
Fitment: Dye Axis Pro, Switch EL, FS, and FP

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