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Elite Force H&K USP Fixed Slide CO2 NBB Pistol Black

Elite Force



Elite Force H&K USP Fixed Slide CO2 NBB Pistol Black; The Ultimate Sidearm

The Elite Force H&K USP Fixed Slide CO2 NBB Pistol Black stands as the epitome of precision and power in the world of airsoft. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this pistol embodies the renowned excellence of Heckler & Koch in a compact and formidable design. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting your airsoft journey, this CO2-powered sidearm promises unparalleled performance and reliability on the field.

Featuring a non-blowback system, the H&K USP delivers fast and accurate CO2 action, making it the preferred choice for competitive airsoft matches. With its 12g CO2 powered mechanism and drop-free BB/CO2 magazine, this pistol ensures consistent and seamless firing, giving you the edge when it matters most. With a muzzle velocity of 360 FPS with .20g BBs, it offers remarkable precision and stopping power.

Constructed with a durable polymer frame and a high-quality metal inner barrel, the Umarex H&K USP CO2 Pistol strikes the perfect balance between durability and agility. Its lightweight design makes it easy to handle in any situation, while its compact size enhances maneuverability on the battlefield. Ideal for both indoor skirmishes and outdoor engagements, this pistol is a versatile companion for every airsoft enthusiast.


  • Non-blowback system for fast and accurate CO2 action
  • 12g CO2 powered mechanism with drop-free BB/CO2 magazine
  • Muzzle velocity of 360 FPS with .20g BBs
  • Durable polymer construction for enhanced durability
  • High-quality metal inner barrel for improved accuracy
  • Compact and lightweight design for easy handling
  • Great for beginner players and seasoned veterans alike


Muzzle Velocity 360 FPS
Magazine Capacity 16 rounds
Color Black
Package Includes Gun, Magazine
Manufacturer Elite Force / Umarex USA
Material Polymer frame, metal inner barrel

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