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Umarex Elite Force Legends Smokewagon 6 Shot CO2 Revolver Nickel

Elite Force



Umarex Elite Force Legends Smokewagon 6 Shot CO2 Revolver Nickel

The Umarex Elite Force Smoke Wagon brings to the airsoft a 1:1 replica of a popular old western revolver that has a long history of being in movies, books, and games. The design of the revolver features the same swing out cap to put your rounds into the cylinder which you can also put BBs directly into the casing instead of putting them in the front like other revolvers. The revolver can also be fired by “Fanning” meaning you can hold the trigger down and use your off-hand to pull back on the hammer then release to rapidly send rounds downrange. The Umarex Elite Force Smoke Wagon brings an old revolver to the modern era of airsoft making you feel like a cowboy out in the field.


  • Realistic replica
  • Imitation Wood Grips
  • Ability to “Fan” the gun
  • Able to reload the rounds from the back of the casing
  • Functional round plunger ejector


Overall Length:11 inches
Weight: 2 lbs
Inner Barrel Length: 4.75 mm
Muzzle Velocity: 340 fps
Gas Type: CO2
System: Non-Blowback
Color: Nickel
Magazine Capacity: 6 Rounds
Package Includes: Warranty Card, Gun, Manual, six rounds

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