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Umarex Elite Force Legends Smokewagon 6 Shot CO2 Revolver Nickel

Elite Force



Umarex Elite Force Legends Smokewagon 6 Shot CO2 Revolver - Nickel Finish

Step back in time and into the wild west with the Umarex Elite Force Legends Smokewagon CO2 Revolver. This airsoft pistol is a true 1:1 replica of its old western counterpart, sporting an iconic design that has graced countless movies, books, and games. The revolver offers an authentic swing-out cap that allows you to load rounds directly into the cylinder, a feature missing in many modern revolvers.

But the Smokewagon isn't just about historical accuracy. It packs modern airsoft tech into a vintage package. The most exciting feature is "Fanning," a rapid-fire system that allows you to hold down the trigger and pull back on the hammer to swiftly fire off rounds. This feature brings a new level of excitement and action to your airsoft battles.

Decked out in a striking Nickel finish and equipped with imitation wood grips, the Umarex Elite Force Legends Smokewagon offers a robust CO2-powered, non-blowback system. With a muzzle velocity of 340 fps, this revolver isn't just for show. It's ready to bring the spirit of the old west to your next airsoft showdown.


  • Realistic 1:1 replica of classic western revolver
  • "Fanning" rapid-fire capability
  • Unique swing-out cap for direct round loading
  • Functional round plunger ejector
  • Imitation wood grips for authentic feel
  • Striking Nickel finish


Overall Length: 11 inches
Weight: 2 lbs
Inner Barrel Length: 4.75 mm
Muzzle Velocity: 340 fps
Fire Modes: Single action with "Fanning" feature
Color: Nickel
Gas Type: CO2
System: Non-Blowback
Magazine Capacity: 6 Rounds
Package Includes: Warranty Card, Gun, Manual, Six Rounds

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