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Emerson Gear Low Profile Modular Chest Rig System




Emerson Gear Low Profile Modular Chest Rig System

Composed of four separate modular sections. Each individual piece offers a variety of modularity and application. The modular chest chassis has a low profile and allows for the use of six 5.56 x 45 or four 7.62 x 51 magazines or any combination of magazines fitting those dimensions.

The modular back-strap is constructed without any yoke systems or unnecessary complications. The modular back strap's horizontal webbing and elastic mounting points can be used for weaving cables, water carrier tubes, and communication devices. It also includes a hook and loop patch for personalization.

The modular side wing offers even more customizable carrying potential. These pouches can carry anything from radios to extra magazines and or water bottles. A simple pull tab and elastic retention system allow accommodation for different sized items. The modular half-strap provides expanded carrying options.

To round it all out, a tactical abdominal carry kit can be used to hold any of the odds and ends that don't need to be attached to the chest rig. The entire chest rig can be disassembled and reassembled quickly and easily


  • Four modular sections
  • Holds 6x 5.56 or 4x 7.62 magazines
  • Lightweight, open-backed chest rig
  • Side pouches and abdominal carry kit provide ample storage for all of your needs


Material: 500D Nylon
Size: Fits Most Waist Sizes (Adjustable)
Package Includes: 1X Modular Chest Rig
Available Colors: Black, Coyote Tan, Ranger Green

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