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G&G FF16 Femme Fatale AEG Pink




G&G FF16 Femme Fatale AEG Pink

The G&G FF16 Femme Fatale AEG Pink is a stunning and eye-catching airsoft rifle that combines the reliability and performance of a standard G&G AEG with a vibrant pink aesthetic.

Featuring all-pink furniture, the G&G FF16 Femme Fatale AEG Pink stands out from the crowd with its bold and distinctive appearance. This electric rifle includes a pink carrying handle and a metallic pink hi-cap magazine, adding a touch of flair to your airsoft loadout. Its vibrant color scheme not only makes a statement on the field but also showcases your personal style and individuality.

With a solid performance to match its striking looks, the G&G FF16 Femme Fatale AEG Pink boasts a version 2 gearbox for reliability and durability. It utilizes a dial-style hop-up system, allowing you to fine-tune your shots for optimal accuracy. The AEG operates at a velocity of 365 FPS, providing a balance between power and field compliance. For your convenience, the recommended battery type is a 9.6-volt battery, ensuring efficient and consistent performance during gameplay.


  • Vibrant all-pink furniture for a bold and unique appearance
  • Includes a pink carrying handle and metallic pink hi-cap magazine
  • Version 2 gearbox for reliable and durable performance
  • Dial-style hop-up system for precise shot adjustment
  • Operates at 365 FPS for a balance of power and field compliance
  • Recommended 9.6-volt battery for efficient and consistent performance


Length 31 inches
Weight 5.18 pounds
Material Polymer
Gearbox Version 2
Hop-Up Dial-style
Battery Compatibility 9.6-volt recommended