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G&G TR16 MBR 556 G2 90r Metal Midcap Magazine Black




G&G TR16 MBR 556 G2 90r Metal Midcap Magazine for M4/M16 AEG

Realistic Experience: With a 90-round capacity, the G&G TR16 MBR 556 G2 Metal Midcap Magazine offers a balance between authenticity and gameplay longevity. While real-life M4/M16 magazines carry 30 rounds, this airsoft version allows for extended play without sacrificing the mil-sim realism. Its design is especially suited for mil-sim events, as it meets the standard requirements and offers stealth operation by eliminating the BB rattle often experienced with Hi-Caps.

Enhanced Compatibility: This magazine has been designed for perfect fit and operation in G&G G2 M4/M16 Series Airsoft AEG Rifles. The compatibility is enhanced by a proprietary part that interacts with G&G G2 rifle's electric cutoff once the last BB is fired, enhancing user experience and functionality.

Durable Construction: The metal alloy shell not only gives the magazine a realistic look and feel, but also provides rugged durability for long-term use. With a polymer interior, the magazine strikes a balance between robustness and weight, keeping your gear manageable even in extended airsoft events.

High Tension Spring: The high tension steel spring is a standout feature of this midcap magazine. It ensures a smoother feed than Hi-Caps, contributing to the overall reliability of your airsoft weapon. This spring needs breaking in to achieve optimal performance - a process easily done by spraying some light silicone oil into the magazine and loading/unloading it a few times.


  • Metal alloy shell for rugged durability
  • High tension steel spring ensures reliable feeding
  • 90 round capacity for a realistic gaming experience
  • Made specifically for G&G G2 Gearboxes
  • Operates silently, offering stealth in gameplay
  • Enhanced reliability with improved feeding mechanism
  • Needs breaking in for optimal performance
  • Speed loader recommended for easy loading


Compatibility: G&G G2 M4/M16 Series Airsoft AEG Rifles
Capacity: 90 rounds
Color: Black
Materials: Metal alloy shell, Polymer interior