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G&P Rubber Hop Up Bucking for WA GBB M4 Series




G&P Rubber Hop Up Bucking for WA GBB M4 Series

Optimized Material: Crafted from high-quality rubber, this G&P Hop Up Bucking is designed to enhance the performance of your gas blowback rifle. Its durable rubber construction ensures reliable and consistent performance.

Compatibility: Specifically made for the Western Arms WAM4 Series, this hop-up bucking is also compatible with G&P WOC (Western Arms Official Custom) GBB M16/M4 Series and Inokatsu Gas Blowback M4A1 Airsoft Rifles. It's the perfect upgrade for players seeking improved accuracy and consistency in their shots.

Enhanced Performance: This hop-up bucking is engineered to provide a better seal and improved backspin on BBs, resulting in enhanced range and accuracy. Its precise design and material quality make it an essential upgrade for serious airsoft enthusiasts.

Key Features

  • Made of durable, high-quality rubber
  • Designed for Western Arms WAM4 Series GBB Airsoft Rifles
  • Compatible with G&P WOC GBB M16/M4 Series
  • Suitable for Inokatsu Gas Blowback M4A1 Airsoft Rifles
  • Improves accuracy and range through better BB backspin

The G&P Rubber Hop Up Bucking is an ideal choice for players looking to upgrade their Western Arms, G&P WOC, or Inokatsu gas blowback rifles, ensuring enhanced performance and reliability.