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GATE EON Complete V2 Gearbox with TITAN II Bluetooth Advanced




GATE EON Complete V2 Gearbox with TITAN II Bluetooth, Expert Firmware

EON Complete V2 Gearbox with TITAN II Bluetooth® includes top-notch internal components. GATE analyzed and gathered the most advanced technologies available for AEGs and constructed the top-class gearbox, with no savings on parts. Instead of thinking about tuning, now you can obtain a ready-to-use, complete gearbox with a warranty at a fair price. Over a million shots fired to build the best and most reliable high-end gearbox.


  • The build of the best performance ensures insane trigger reaction and reliability

  • Preinstalled newest TITAN II Bluetooth® ETU gives you an extremely innovative advantage

  • Hi-end tuning parts, like GATE EON CNC Gearbox, EON Pneumatics set

  • First in the market Bluetooth® communication straight out of the box

  • Free access to the GCS app lets you customize your replica settings live

  • Full support for brushless motors

  • 2-year limited warranty for the Complete Gearbox (we run extreme tests of hundreds of thousands of shots) *

  • 2-year limited warranty for TITAN II Bluetooth®

  • lifetime limited warranty for gearbox shell
  • Plug & Play straight out of the box - easy installation

* Out-of-the-box ROF is limited up to 25RPS. This is a safeguard against component failure when GATE offers its full 2-year warranty.

You can exclude this limit by waiving the warranty for mechanical damage to internal parts in the GCS.
The warranty on the ETU and gearbox shell remains unchanged.

Parts List

  • GATE EON V2 Gearbox (Titanium)

  • TITAN II Bluetooth® for V2 gearbox

  • Nova Trigger

  • High-speed gear set 13:1 (for 450 fps) or SSG gear set 13:1 (for 350 fps)

  • Reinforced CNC Piston with full steel tooth rack

  • EON Protector Cylinder Head

  • EON High-speed Piston Head

  • CNC POM sealed nozzle - 21.25mm

  • Polished stainless steel cylinder

  • EON Tappet Plate

  • Reinforced anti-reversal latch

  • Reinforced and low-friction 8mm bearings

Attention all GATE product purchasers

GATE offers direct-to-consumer warranty services.  It is fast and easy to use.  If you are having any problems with GATE products, you can contact GATE at: 

They will have deeper and better technical knowledge of their electronics and HPA systems than AEX… after all, they made the product!  Thank you for buying a GATE product from Airsoft Extreme!

Disclaimer: Self-installation carries the inherent risk of damaging the product. If you decide to install parts on your own, you accept this liability. These self-installed parts are not eligible for our warranty, and for any related issues, reach out to the product's manufacturer.

For assistance with GATE brand MOSFETs, please visit  GATE's Help Page.

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