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GATE TITAN V3 Expert Drop-In Programmable MOSFET Module


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GATE TITAN V3 Expert Drop-In Programmable MOSFET Module for AEGs

Upgrade your airsoft gameplay with the GATE TITAN V3 Expert Drop-In Programmable MOSFET Module, a must-have for airsoft enthusiasts and veterans. This innovative AEG Control System is designed for V3 gearboxes and offers a wide array of features to transform your airsoft replica into advanced training equipment.


  • Precision Trigger Sensitivity: With the proximity trigger sensor, you can set trigger sensitivity with military precision, offering up to 300 possible sensitivity settings. No need to disassemble your AEG; simply use the GATE Control Station App to customize your trigger preferences.
  • Configurable Selector Modes: Choose from various selector modes, including 2-stage trigger, pre-cocking, magazine simulation, and more, allowing you to adapt your AEG to your gameplay style.
  • Total Control with GCS App: Connect your TITAN to the GCS App on your iOS, Android, macOS, or Windows device to fine-tune your AEG settings, perform diagnostics, update firmware, and even receive real-time data on your smartwatch.
  • Compatibility: The TITAN V3 is compatible with most V3 gearboxes, including CNC ones, and can be used with powerful AEG replicas.
  • Built-In Self-Test: Benefit from a self-test feature, firmware updates via the internet, and user-friendly configuration via the GATE Control Station App.


Supply Voltage Range 3.75-17 V
Current Consumption 22 mA
Low Power Mode 320 µA
Dimensions (L x W x H) 79.0 x 25.8 x 13.5 mm
Finished Product Weight 28.2 g
Operating Temperature Range -15°C to +50°C
Relative Humidity ≤ 80%
14.8 V Li-Po Ready
Innovative optical sensors
DSG, SSG, 19-tooth gears, most V3 gearboxes (including CNC ones)

Disclaimer: Please be advised that any parts installed by customers on their own are not covered under our warranty. If you choose to self-install, you assume the risk and liability of potentially damaging the item. For issues with your self-install, contact the manufacturer directly for warranty and support.

For GATE brand MOSFETs, refer to GATE's Help Page for additional guidance.