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The GBLS DAS GDR-15 is the most advanced Electric Airsoft Gun system ever developed. The DAS (Dynamic Action System) is a revolutionary new ground up design that is the first electric rifle that faithfully mimics all the functions of a real AR type rifle. Like a real rifle, you need to pull the charging handle back in order to load the round and cock the trigger. The rifle is select fire (semi and full auto) and features a fully reciprocating bolt that gives the gun a sharp recoil. The trigger has the mechanical break of a real trigger. Additionally, when the steel magazine with switchable 60 and 60 round capacity is emptied, the rifle bolt locks back and can be released by the functioning bolt stop when you reload the rifle with a fresh magazine. The rifle is manufactured to extremely high standards with very high quality materials so it is extremely robust. Whether for tactical training or playing, this is the perfect airsoft rifle for those seeking the most realistic shooting experience with the convenience of being powered by a rechargeable battery and not have its effectiveness affected by environmental/temperature conditions like with gas rifles.

Magazine: It is constructed using the same steel plate press method of a real gun, and while the inside is made from plastic, it is durable and doesn’t take much damage, if any, when dropped on the floor.


  • Material: Inner - Plastic / Outer - Steel
  • DAS proprietary design, 30/60 round magazine capacity
  • Weight: 220 g, 7.8 oz